Spray Park Opening Mid June

We are currently testing the equipment to ensure it’s all in working order for our opening alongside the other Calgary water parks  in mid June. We do anticipate the park to run this year, and we’re hopeful for minimal disruptions. Somerset Waterpark 999...

Somerset AGM – October 19

Tonight we will be holding the annual Somerset AGM at Cardel Place. Please join us if you can to discuss the events of the year, where we are with the waterpark restoration project, and find out how you can help out. Somerset AGM 7:30pm Cardel Rec South 333 Shawville...

Park Temporarily Closed

Unfortunately our pumps have malfunctioned and are in the process of being inspected. The park will remain closed until we can determine how bad the damage is. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience.

Spray Park Open

Maintenance is now complete and the park is open for the season. We sincerely thank you for your patience.

Large Leak Discovered – Possible Further Delay

Late last week we discovered a larger-than-usual pool of water accumulating on the south side of the maintenance shed. In the past this occasional pool of water was attributed to irrigation, but as irrigation hasn’t been turned on this year, it was determined...