What Does the Residents Association Manage?

The Residents Association manages the waterpark in the Calgary community of Somerset.

What are the Fees?

Residents of Somerset have a yearly fee of $75 to help with upkeep of the park.

Does the City Help?

Yes, the City maintains the trees and pathways, and provides the SRA with a grant for lawn care.

Can the park be fenced?

As the park land is still owned by the city, fencing the park is not an option. It is meant to be a resource for all members of Calgary.

I Don't Want to Pay the Fee

This is not recommended. The fee is built in as a condition when you purchased your home, so failure to pay can result in the assistance of a lawyer. Should that occur, the lawyer fees will also be passed along to you.

What is the Difference Between the Somerset Residents Association and the Somerset Bridlewood Community Association?

The Residents Association has a primary focus on the park and its operation. The Somerset Bridlewood Community Association aims to serve both communities with events and other activities. To learn more about the Bridlewood Community Association, you can view their website for details.

What Amenities Does the Park Have?

2 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts (one tween size), 3 children’s playgrounds, waterpark, 6 picnic tables, open green space¬†and public washrooms.

Somerset Waterpark

999 Somerset Dr. SW
Calgary, AB
P: (403) 807-8736
F: (403) 201-5565