1) Replacement of the older playgrounds has started.  Please be mindful of your space around the construction sites.

2) Waterpark construction project is out for RFP (Request for Proposal). In other words, we’re choosing a company to build the new park. This closes end of June and is the last step before construction. Construction is likley to start in August.

There have been some delays. Unfortunately, there is a backlog of projects in most industries (public and private) and we must patiently wait our turn.

3) We’ve inquired to operate the waterpark “as is” for the 2021 summer season, and that doesn’t appear possible. In the winter, we had a major water main break in the faculty building. This caused significant damage to the mechanical room and electrical systems. Repairs for that will be extensive and very costly. It would be impractical to repair it, just to undo everything for the new waterpark and infrastructure coming in August.

The good news is that we have our project of replacing the waterpark in it’s final stages before construction.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.