Unfortunately we won’t be able to open until next week. Our maintenance crew wasn’t able to secure an inspection of the park until today, and we still need to get a water safety test done which we can’t get back until Monday at the earliest.

The inspector today also flagged a tripping hazard that will need to be fixed before we open.

Currently the hope is that they can beat the rain and get a water sample off to the city tomorrow morning. On Sunday if all goes well we can get the tripping hazard dealt with. On Monday we should receive the water results back, which we expect will provide us the green light needed to operate. 

If all goes well we should be operational by the middle of next week.

We understand this is disappointing and we certainly share your annoyance. Unfortunately given the age of the park, we are expecting this to be a bit of a bumpy summer. Please be aware we are doing everything we can with what we have.