Just a quick update on the progress with the water park renewal project and bathroom upgrades.


1) AHS has given approval of the design which is great news!


2) We have had to apply for a DSSP (Development Site Servicing Plan) as the filtration system will require a larger sanitary line than is currently installed. This is one of those unforseen components that takes a bit more time to sort out. We appreciate the expertise of our project manager sorting this out now, and not in the middle of construction.


3) The RFP (Request For Proposal) package is with Supply, and we are hoping to hear back from them with any changes required before posting to market (when contractors are chosen for the work/construction). Hopefully in the next few weeks.


4) We are definitely going to begin construction this year. Our estimated start date is late June or early July. We apologize for this interrupting the summer season and use of the water park.


Thanks for your patience and please stay safe.



Anthony R.

Somerset President